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Dr. Avner Shavit

"Deserves every award: "Cinema Sabaya" is a masterpiece. "

Dr. Smulik Duvdevani

"This is what happens when Film meets Life. Accurate, authentic and deeply moving".

“The movie allows women to shine”

״At its core, ‘Cinema Sabaya’ is a film about the power of cinema: to change people’s lives, to give women a voice, and to break down cultural barriers.”

JFF (Best Debut Award, Audience Favorite)

Jury remarks

"A film that crosses borders and genres, full of emotion and human love. There is a lot of wisdom in the way the film is structured. A rich image of a multi-faceted, cross-age and originally feminine experience. Authentic, complex and incredibly poetic”

Eitan Nechin

“Cinema Sabaya shows what engaged Israeli filmmaking can achieve, dealing with Jewish and Arab lives in Israel today, in a deep and precise way.”

“Expressive and entirely authentic…Rotem’s film rewards audiences with intensely charged and poignant moments.”

The fiction feature follows eight women from different sides of the Middle East conflict who participate in a video workshop using footage they have shot of their lives.

Kino Lorber has picked up North American distribution rights to Cinema Sabaya, a drama from Israeli director Orit Fouks Rotem that is Israel’s official contender for the 2023 Academy Awards in the best international feature category.

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